World Mental Health Day


How often we talk about mental health??
How often we recognize the shattered and isolated person behind those wild laughs?
Breaking the chain and discussing about mental health is important in this competitive and ruthless world. Sharing your deepen thoughts and failure doesn’t make you weak instead makes you stronger and motivated. Talk about your mental status to your dear ones whomever you are comfortable with. Don’t make yourself confined and helpless.
Focus on your goals and happiness, try to engage yourself and live the moment. Ignore the past but hey don’t forget the lessons it had taught. Don’t accuse yourself in every wrong decision and failure, be optimistic and look for the things that awaits you. Try to concentrate, maintain your daily routine, stay hydrated and get full nap. Spend quality time with friends and family, get engaged in sports too. ©Sandeep Bhattarai


सम्बन्धित खवर

रुपन्देहीको देवदहमा संचालित मेलमिलाप सम्बन्धी आधारभूत तालिम सम्पन्न

उनी संग फेरी भेटै भएन…

पाल्पामा बोक्सी झार्न भन्दै महिलामाथि निर्मम कुटपिट

आईपीएल फाइनल आज: उपाधिका लागि कोलकाता र हैदराबाद भिड्दै

पोलियोविरुद्धको ‘आइपिभी’ खोप अभियान देशभर सुरु

देवदहमा महिला प्रजनन् स्वास्थ्य सम्बन्धी प्रशिक्षण तथा अन्तरक्रिया कार्यक्रम सम्पन्न

कृकेटर सन्दीप लामिछानेको अमेरिका यात्रा आउने सातासम्म निश्चित हुने

सडक निर्माणमा अलपत्र पारेकाे भन्दै मेयर बालेनले खन्याए सडक विभाग अगाडी एक ट्रक धूलो